What if we could radically transform our capacity to think about complex challenges?

Boost clarity!

We have unprecedented opportunities for nations, organizations, and individuals to explore, align, and embark on new paths to improve the lives of all people. Some insights can help end poverty, promote prosperity and well-being for all, protect the environment, and address climate change.

However, much of the information needed for solutions is unstructured. This is experienced as superficial understanding, few perspectives, shallow collaboration, or lack of coherence.

To address complex challenges – and to think holistically – we need new, better ways to add and change perspectives, make sense of immense volumes of information, and coordinate in unprecedented ways.

What is interconnecting?

Interconnecting is a promise, a science, a methodology, and a software technology.


Interconnecting will immediately deliver tangible, practical improvements in how you think, collaborate, and communicate.

  • Encourage holistic thinking and problem-solving in a more-immediate, holographic way
  • Understand the big picture, the interrelated details, and individual roles, all at once
  • Accelerate comprehension, add insights
  • Perceive the situation and emerging options

Often, perspectives are fragmented and limiting; valuable information and insights should be integrated.

Experience a larger, interrelated world in which daunting challenges are met by unprecedented cooperation and collaboration across different sectors and between levels of society. Use interconnecting technology to link the information and coordinate challenging undertakings.


Interconnecting is the systematic study of the structure and behavior of associations — connections between ideas and things.

Drawing from theories of cognitive science, psychology, linguistics, and learning, interconnecting delivers an authentic model of how humans learn so we can augment human and machine intelligence.


Interconnecting is a proven methodology for adding meaning to unstructured information and deriving unprecedented insights.

Our method of organizing information complements how our brains assimilate new information to reveal context and big-picture perspectives. Vital information is summarized and made available for easy reference and remixing.

Interconnecting begins with critical knowledge area and identification of research papers, legislation, business plans, procedures, and articles. Information is categorized and arranged as hierarchical lists called “Sets” and tagged according to universal categories and domain-specific taxonomies.


Interconnecting is powered by graph databases, APIs, and visualization applications.

Visualizations help users see complex interrelationships among ideas, issues, people, and objectives.

Content can be filtered and personalized to integrate a multitude of data and perspectives. For example, with interdisciplinary challenges, interconnecting provides a nexus for business leaders, policy makers, and other thought leaders to identify how their respective fields work together. Often, this leads to unexpected revelations.

Start interconnecting.

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Interconnecting originated from Knowledge Harvesting, Inc. Knowledge Harvesting is a rigorous, proven methodology for extracting, organizing and packaging knowledge so that it’s easily accessible, easy to understand, and immediately actionable; we make tacit knowledge explicit. Knowledge Harvesting, Inc (KHi) offers the Knowledge Harvesting methodology, training and consulting services.